[Music] Ciro Berenguer – El Mar De Junio

One of Eilian Records’ finest releases to date, Argentine-born, Barcelona-based composer Ciro Berenguer releases a very ambient guitar album.

From Eilian’s Bandcamp page:

Ciro Berenguer is a guitarist and composer from Argentina who has lived for many years in Barcelona, Spain.  He likes both traditional and nontraditional ways of playing the guitar: processing the sound through many electronic devices or playing just the guitar alone.  Two facets of his playing expressed in a handful of albums and collaborations, from standard guitar music to a more experimental and improvised way of making sounds, enjoying both approaches.

Ambient Chillout Electronica Music

[Sample] Nühn – Peacetime (More Than A Song)

A real treasure here. Nühn hail from Barcelona, Spain, and cover ground in all kinds of electronica. Here’s the twist: the vocals come off reminding me of a younger Vini Reilly, when The Durutti Column’s music was at its most fragile.