[Music] Various Artists – SƏS: Azeri Music for Krot Zine

Yet another entertaining and utterly essential compilation of music from the Caucasus has been released by my favorite ethnic music label currently active, Ored Recordings.  Many thanks to Bulat Khalilov for his brilliant work in digging up these gems which would otherwise be lost to history.  Azerbaijan is a country with stellar traditions in music and storytelling, and it is my hope that Ored can continue to bring artists like this to the fore.

Hip-Hop Music

[Video] Xpert – Şaman (ft. Luter)

I’m sure you weren’t expecting to hear rap from Azerbaijan here. Fortunately, I take plunges where most won’t go.

Xpert is the local Eminem clone, and his flow isn’t bad at all. Add traditional Azeri music in the mix, and this turns out to be quite good listening.