[Music] 稷廬 / jì lú – 阿笈暮鈔歌集 / Songs of Agama

When I see music tagged with the term ‘neofolk‘, I expect to hear something like Death In June, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud or Current 93, not this. I’m not entirely sure where jì lú hail from in China, but the label who released this disc, Raflum, hail from Sichuan, home of some seriously good food.  If you remember the Japanese psychedelic band Ghost, fronted by guitarist Masaki Batoh, this might be a corollary.  It’s exceptionally psychedelic, and has the feel of the Incredible String Band on even more acid, feeling more placid.  This is gorgeous.

I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous that I haven’t heard anything this good in Beijing yet.

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[Music] Kikagaku Moyo – Forest of Lost Children (2018 Reissue Pre​-​Order)

Japanese band Kikagaku Moyo have become my favorite modern psych band.  Though this particular release came out in 2014, it has now been reissued on vinyl.  The band carry the tradition of bands like Ghost and and perhaps The Flower Travellin’ Band.

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[Music] Folque – Fanteguten

Folque were a Norwegian folk-prog band who were active in the early 1970s.  According to some comments I’ve read recently, though they didn’t make much of a dent in the American market, they were quite popular in Brazil, of all places.

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[Music] Love (Japan) – Time Gives Life

Folk-psych from 1977. The band Love is not the legendary Los Angeles band fronted by Arthur Lee, but a Japanese group who churned out at least one magnificent album before disappearing into the aether.

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[Video] Roses Never Fade – Fade To Black

Focused, raw Apocalyptic Folk from Roses Never Fade, a band who carries the spirit of acts like American Neofolk legends such as Changes and good British psychedelic folk music like Comus.

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[Video] Ed Bisiar III – Summers Wind

There’s almost no information on Ed Bisiar III. This song comes from a private pressing. It’s extremely mellow, pleasant listening for a sunny Saturday morning.