[Music] Katarína Máliková – Pustvopol

There’s not a lot of music I could compare Slovak chanteuse Katarína Máliková to. Her sound is utterly unique, and I could only imagine bands like Dead Can Dance as sharing her ethereal vibe. The instrumentation could fit somewhere comfortably between folk, fusion and Fourth World Ambient (think Jon Hassell).

For fans of these genres and of artists like Loreena McKennitt.

[Music] Various Artists – The B​-​Music of Jean Rollin 1968​-​1973

I can’t imagine a cooler soundtrack compilation than this one unless Jess Franco’s sountrack works also get reissued.

Jean Rollin was the master of sleazy Euro-horror with a career span of five decades. This comp covers some of the best partners he had in conveying a blood-splattered, gruesome, erotic, cheesy mess onscreen.

Nothing but love for Finders Keepers, who released this gem as a download as well as vinyl.

[Music] A Closer Listen: Efrim Manuel Menuck ~ Pissing Stars

Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s frontman has a new solo release reviewed by our friends at A Closer Listen.

a closer listen

We occasionally stray from our purely instrumental path. Perhaps we want to highlight a small artist who merits a brighter spotlight, or perhaps an artist is simply too significant – too seminal – to overlook. Efrim Manuel Menuck belongs in the latter category: the recognisable enigma who arguably “fronts” the most significant post-rock band of our time. He ventured solo for his first LP in 2011, just as Godspeed You! Black Emperor were stirring from their lengthy slumber. Now, the band are back in full swing, humanity still seeks out its own demise, and Menuck continues to pen responses with impassioned intensity.

Pissing Stars is in places as uncomfortable a listen as its title suggests. Following GYBE’s and even Silver Mt. Zion’s recent energised bombast, Menuck appears as something of a drained, desperate force. His liner notes talk of the ‘giddiness of enervation’ and ‘liberation of being emptied’. The first…

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[Music] On “Concrete Desert,” The Bug and Earth’s Dylan Carlson Destroy L.A.


Bandcamp Daily features The Bug vs. Earth, a powerful pairing of Kevin Martin’s Industrial/dub project, which has been around in one form or another since the late 1980s, and Dylan Carlson’s seminal drone rock project, Earth.

Dark, moody, cinematic post-rock.  Perfect music for meditating over the crumbling Los Angeles skyline.

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