[Music] Jean Derome ~ Résistances


One of the wildest albums of the new year comes from Montreal composer Jean Derome. Even a quick look at the back of the CD, and one knows one is in for a treat: 20 performers on instruments ranging from tuned kalimbas to trombones. The tuning is to 60 Hz, the standard tuning of North American […]

via Jean Derome ~ Résistances — a closer listen

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[Technology] A Garden Of Earthly Delights – Encyclopedia

We’ve been trying for some years to find a suitable wiki program which would blend nicely into WordPress, and as of today, it looks like we found one.  We’re relaunching A Garden Of Earthly Delights and will turn it into a massive database for good and interesting artists in the fields of music, literature, film, art and other media.  If you feel like turning us on to someone new, please feel free to contact us here.

[Music] WORM Pirate Bay is launched

I’m having a bit of trouble seeing the connection between WORM, the Rotterdam-based collective lending out materials and The Pirate Bay, who are, in every sense of the word, pirates when it comes to copyrighted material (whether that is good or bad depends on how you see this issue, as a case can be made either way). Still, congratulations to WORM for bringing back the idea of sharing tangible product. As much as I adore digital media, it’s just not the same. Music I can make an exception for, but books? No.

Thanks to The Wire Magazine, who originally shared this post.