[Technology] 9 Rare Works Of Art Internet Pirates Are Obsessed With

Stephen Witt of Buzzfeed contributes an article of 9 masterpieces, including this Godspeed You! Black Emperor (alleged) rarity and the Norman Thomas di Giovanni translations (shamefully not made public) of Jorge Luis Borges’ work. His translations are superior to all over English versions.

[Music] Ethan Diamond, Bandcamp – XOXO Festival (2014)

If you haven’t heard of Bandcamp, you really need to catch up. Artists and record labels are using this absolutely wonderful platform to sell vinyl, fan merchandise and other objects as well as high-quality digital downloads in a host of formats. Ethan Diamond, the founder of the company, is seen here speaking about the many […]

AMOT… as social media

For some years, I’ve been trying to develop a reasonable alternative to my connections with Facebook. I prefer a simple interface rather than the idiotic chicanery that comes with a corrupt social media brand whose ideology I find despicable, whose lack of respect of privacy is appalling, and whose owners are, frankly, dorks. Hence, I’ve […]