[Video] Frank Zappa – Titties & Beer

Frank Zappa loved to annoy. I grew up watching him battle the Parent Music Resource Center (PMRC), among whose more famous founding members was Tipper Gore, ex-wife of then Senator (and complete douchebag to this day) Al Gore. Though he was, and is, a sleazy huckster, his wife ended up making friends with Frank’s widow, […]

On The Passing of Pete Seeger

Three articles regarding Pete Seeger’s demise – one pro, two contra, provide a good appraisal of the man’s life, work and views. FLAVORWIRE: In Memory of Folk Legend Pete Seeger, 10 Iconic Performances FIRST THINGS: Pete Seeger: The Communist Consumers Loved NATIONAL REVIEW: Totalitarian Troubadour I loathed Seeger’s politics, his slavish devotion, until 1995, to […]