We Might Be Quiet For A While…

For those of you who enjoy reading the blog, you might have noticed a lack of posts over the past week. That’s because I’ve been helping my family move to a new location and sprucing up the place. I may have to do this for myself relatively soon, so I ask for patience in advance. This is going to be a very busy and tough year.

[Music] Jeff Gburek – With Conscious Impurity (Coptic Clusters)

The final post of 2016 is one of the most beautiful to my years. Many thanks to Jeff Gburek for some fine releases, and thanks to the readership for their friendship, their patience and the suggestions for music. Next year, we will add interviews to the website. I won’t post as much simply because the new job will be taking a lot of time, but expect me to point you to some amazing things. More to come soon, but for now, may you and yours enjoy the night in peace, and may you wake up to something better.

[Music] A Good 2015, And On To A Better 2016

My friends, associates and those whose companies I am either a fan of or enjoy promoting…

It was a very good year for quite a few of us. I can say, with much happiness, that I was able to reconnect personally with some of the fine folks I met with in Bulgaria, as well as some of the local labels, distributors and record shops I happen to visit on a frequent basis.

I am appealing to you to send any press releases for shows, events and product discounts. I plan to be even more active with the blog in trying to promote the best (and most tasteful) music on Earth, and this is why you’re being sent this letter. I do this as a labor of love, and enjoy doing so. If there is a way I can help you, by all means, let me know, and I’ll get the word out.

May all of you have a wonderful celebration this evening, and may we get started on a very good and busy 2016!

Kind regards,

Rudy Carrera
Owner, AMOT… and CLCX Recordings.

Social Media Catch-Up

For whatever reason, I seem to be adding a great deal of people here at Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr over the past few weeks. I’m thoroughly floored at the quality of what you’re posting (which is why I added you in the first place), and wanted to extend a welcome to you.