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[Music] A Garden of Earthly Delights

Thanks to the fears of the Corona Virus in China, I have a bit of time to add great bands to AGOED.  If you have any suggestions, do let me know.


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[Music] Abdel Karim Ensemble – Joyas de la Música Culta Árabe

As I spent Chinese New Year’s Eve in the company of a friend and watched in amazement as to how empty my part of town was, I decided to call it a night and spent a bit of time enjoying some music.  This was the first result of a healthy list of music I indulged in.  This was my first exposure to the Abdel Karim Ensemble.  I’m looking forward to finding more albums, as they play great traditional music from Syria, Egypt, Morocco and pre-Reconquista Spain.  Magnificent listening.

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[Music] The Account Has Reached 6,000 Purchases

We at AMOTM are proud to say that we reached 6,000 purchases over at  To peruse the collection, please head over to this link and enjoy!


Welcome to 2020

This first post comes to you from the Beijing Capital Airport, and the next might come from Los Angeles. We plan on being far busier promoting new music, Chinese Internet be damned! We’ll find a way.

Expect more, also, from The Hip Priest Podcast as well.

Thanks to you, good artists, who trusted me with writing something about your work. I have much to catch up on, so I ask for your patience, but I’ll respond to all inquiries. Have a wonderful 2020!

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[Personal] We’re Back

There has been no activity on the blog since mid-September thanks to yours truly being on a working vacation in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia (as well as forays to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and Rome, Italy).

Thanks go to Yasen Kazandjiev for his warm treatment at the WithoutBorders Festival in Varna, Bulgaria, to my brothers Igor Vasilev, Gorazd Čapovski, Dean Zmejkoski and Goran Trajkoski, and my sister Alexandra Stefanova, for making Macedonia a perfect visit.  Special thanks to Henning Küpper and Borut Kržišnik for the pleasure of meeting two very influential people responsible for my musical development throughout the past 25 years, and of course the wonderful participants I met in Varna.  Now that I am ensconced in Beijing, I will have time to write letters and begin business anew.

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[Music] Year’s End / Jeff Gburek – Orthodox Ritual Singing @ Sighișoara, Roumania

We would like to thank all of you who ‘liked’, commented and generally supported the blog.  It is because of your interest that we share these charming oddities with you. AMOT… plan to be very busy next year, and will also do more with Hip Priest and A Garden of Earthly Delights, our collective wiki.

We end the year courtesy of Jeff Gburek’s field recording in Romania, a small slice of heaven to end a good 2018 in the hopes that 2019 will be that much better.  Consider purchasing the complete album here.

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[Music/Video] Chris Trull

I am very proud to introduce my cousin, Chris Trull, to my friends and connections!  He’s blossomed into a hell of a video producer and photographer, and if you’re looking for someone to do a music video for you, especially if you’re into things that lean more towards prog, grunge, and even psychedelic music, Chris is your man!


Welcome To 2018!!

We at A Miscellany Of Tasteful…, along with our side projects The Hip Priest, A Garden Of Earthly Delights, the Carrera-Linn Cultural Exchange and, wish you all the best for 2018, and we thank you very much for your patronage.

We look forward to bringing you the best in tasteful music, film, books, art and interviews in the coming year, and are always happy to receive correspondence!


Rudy Carrera


We Might Be Quiet For A While…

For those of you who enjoy reading the blog, you might have noticed a lack of posts over the past week. That’s because I’ve been helping my family move to a new location and sprucing up the place. I may have to do this for myself relatively soon, so I ask for patience in advance. This is going to be a very busy and tough year.

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[Music] Jeff Gburek – With Conscious Impurity (Coptic Clusters)

The final post of 2016 is one of the most beautiful to my years. Many thanks to Jeff Gburek for some fine releases, and thanks to the readership for their friendship, their patience and the suggestions for music. Next year, we will add interviews to the website. I won’t post as much simply because the new job will be taking a lot of time, but expect me to point you to some amazing things. More to come soon, but for now, may you and yours enjoy the night in peace, and may you wake up to something better.