[Music] NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #95 ~ 06-25-16] — No Condition Is Permanent

Françoise Hardy in repose You can labor shoulder to shoulder with someone for days, weeks and years on end, share life’s joys and travails, get into and out of all manner of scrapes (these latter usually initiated by said comrade) and, ultimately, feel that a true rapport has been earned, that you really know who […] […]

Mexican Mods Helped Reshape the Cartel-Ravaged City of Tijuana

Music and subculture as escapism. My friends Ted and Orlando posted this same link a few days ago, and I wanted to share it, but not before digesting it a bit. I actually went to Tijuana about six months ago for dental work (which was stellar, by the way). The place, though a bit grubby, […]