[Music] Corima – Quetzalcoatl (Complete)

Los Angeles, California’s answer to Magma, Corima originally hail from Texas, and make use of the Mexican Quetzalcoatl mythos and make intense music in the vein of Zeuhl music; quick, crisp, brutal and quite a pleasure to delve into.

Check out their Bandcamp page here.

[Music] LIGHT COORPORATION 64:38 Radio Full Liv(f)e /Fifth Album Coming Soon /RéR Recommended London

LIGHT CORPORATION out of Poland are quickly becoming one of my favorite progressive rock bands.  They meld together influences like King Crimson and Univers Zero, while adding a touch of something new.  That they are being released on Chris Cutler’s legendary record label, Recommended, says a lot about the quality of their music.

Visit the band’s website here for more information.

[Music] Синкопированная Тишина (Syncopated Silence) – Протобаян

To my knowledge, Syncopated Silence doesn’t even have an album available yet, but they’re causing quite a lot of interest in the prog world, especially those who like avant-progressive and zeuhl music.

They have their own website here, but it’s in Russian.