[Music] NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #95 ~ 06-25-16] — No Condition Is Permanent

Françoise Hardy in repose You can labor shoulder to shoulder with someone for days, weeks and years on end, share life’s joys and travails, get into and out of all manner of scrapes (these latter usually initiated by said comrade) and, ultimately, feel that a true rapport has been earned, that you really know who […] […]

[Music] Grupa Marina Škrgatića – Čežnja

Grupa Marina Škrgatića are one of a score of magnificent groups which came out of the former Yugoslavia who produced music of ridiculously high quality. As usual, there’s little information in English about the band, so it’s best to use Chrome or Firefox and see if you can translate this.

[Video] Magdalith – La Naissance

Except finding that Magdalith was from Toulouse, France, that she was a stunningly beautiful Jewish woman who converted to Roman Catholicism and that she sang in Hebrew as well as her native French (with inflections which remind me of Diamanda Galás), there is scant information available about this artist. Any info would be highly appreciated, […]

[Video] Vasco Bulgarelli – Amapola (Canzone Spagnola)

I’m surprised that there is so little information about Vasco Bulgarelli online, but it seems ‘Amapola’ is a Neapolitan classic. It seems the Spanish left a lot of good in that city (how much we got back in return is debatable, but I loved the city nonetheless).