[Music] Daniel Dorobantu – Pamantul Straveziu

Our friend Daniel Dorobantu, whose ambient electronic work as a solo artist and with his group Thy Veils never ceases to impress, has a new video and release out. You can purchase this at his Bandcamp site.

[Music] Gralitsa – Upon A Circle, Upon A Gold


After a track on Soundcloud, I decided to purchase this mini-LP from Gralitsa, a musician whose work crosses the genres of world music, post-rock, progressive rock and soundtrack music with great ease. It’s worth picking up.

[Music] Jeffrey Roden – Threads Of A Prayer: Volume 1

A Miscellany of Tasteful… is proud to announce the release today of a record I’ve been waiting to hear for months now. Jeffrey Roden is an old friend from my days working at Aron’s Records and Lumpy Gravy, a restaurant and record shop located in Hollywood, and owned by animator Gábor Csupó. Today is the official release of his latest album, Threads Of A Prayer: Volume 1.

More about the album. Solaire Records out of Germany collaborated with Jeffrey, and the first thing I noticed was the tastefully minimalistic artwork and packaging, which reminded me of something ECM Records would have been proud to release. The notes on the music are copious, but the compositions themselves are the stars of the day.

There is a slow, gently plodding pace to the first disc of this album. Sandro Ivo Bartoli performs the pieces with an understated gentleness that would be comparable to the best of Harold Budd and his collaborations with Brian Eno. I have been fortunate to review a series of truly enveloping music the past few weeks, and this one is the best of the lot.

Disc two is remarkable in a different way. There are elements of the compositions of Arvo Pärt and Henryk Górecki. This isn’t Holy Minimalism, but it is something akin to it. The music is calming, expertly composed, and is perfect for deep listening and thinking the day away.

If this is only Volume 1, I await Volume 2 with a happy anticipation.

[Music] Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Noël Akchoté – Opus (2013)

To review each and every release by Noël Akchoté would be impossible for this one-man blog to do, but I have the luxury of cherry-picking some real treats. This one, in particular, pairs Noël with Hans-Joachim Roedelius of Cluster fame, as well as a maestro in his own right. The album is a guitar/piano improvisation recorded in Vienna, Austria in 2013. Gentle, plucky sounds which cross into fusion territory at times.

[Music] Andrew Rubin and Jon Anderson – Guitar Concerto

This gem came as a surprise in my email box. Andrew Rubin is a classical guitarist based in Central California. He was apparently discovered by Jon Anderson of yes, and they collaborated on this suite, influenced in part by the work of Spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo.

He’s 21 years old, making some of the most joyous music I’ve heard in some time. Imagine what he’s going to be capable of at 40. Andrew is going to be one worth following closely.