[Music] Breatherrr – Chantrieri

I NEVER get mail from local bands or record labels. It’s been a constant since I started writing to musicians. Part of it was because I could see them at my leisure, but part of it was because it wasn’t ‘cool’ to talk to local indie rags, only to people from the outside. Well, today, I can say that I can finally promote a local person. Breatherrr is a trip-hop act with retro influences which bring up genres like electro and new wave. I’ll have to investigate further.

Lost in Kiev ~ Nuit Noir — a closer listen

At first, the deep-throated vocalizations and dialogue samples are a curiosity, their necessity not immediately apparent. But after the album is played to its bitter end, all is revealed. These nine pieces represent the Nuit Noir (black night), and serve as impressionistic short stories: shock fiction, if you will. Spoken words may set the stage, but on […]

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[Music] VAN TRIER’s cloud of sounds — Yeah I Know It Sucks

Renee Van Trier is an artist of many kinds, she does so many things (from performances, photography, videos, acting…) that we almost forget that she is also a refined experimentalist in music and song making! Luckily Van Trier has a lovely online cloud with great examples for you and me to hear and be wowed […]

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[Music] Benjamin Aït-Ali – Ballet and Other Works

This release, by French experimental music composer Benjamin Aït-Ali, is, and probably always will be, the shortest release I’ve had the privilege to review. Ballet and Other Works clocks in at around 3 minutes, but as with the legendary Cinéma Pour L’Oreille series released by Metamkine in the early 1990s, the compositions waste no time in getting to the point.

Aït-Ali is among a new vanguard of composers who will take the flame from the legends of electroacoustic music such as Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer and François Bayle. It sounds like a tall order, but I’d challenge you to study his work. You can listen to Ballet and Other Works here, via OBS Records, based in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, or at Benjamin’s Bandcamp site. More samples of his work can be heard via Soundcloud.

[Music] Enrico Coniglio ~ Bragos series: Astrùra / Solèra — a closer listen

There are different schools of thought when it comes to the production of “soundscapes.” There is R. Murray Schafer, who coined the term, and his World Soundscape Project, which approaches the soundscape as “acoustic ecology.” Some have criticized his approach as nostalgic, with romantic notions of pre-industrial life, constructing a division between nature and […]

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