[Music] Sieben – Crumbs (reviewed by Santa Sangre)

Much respect to Peter Marks of Santa Sangre Magazine for reviewing my favorite Apocalyptic Folk violinist (and very cool chap) Matt Howden.

[Reviewed by Peter Marks] Ah just look at him on the cover in his Sunday tea time best. Flip the panel and you’ll see how thin the veneer is as a Guy Fawkes mask and full fencing uniform greet you; there can be no doubt that we’re living in extraordinarily perilous times with one guy […]

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[Music] Poppy Nogood – Music For Mourning — music won’t save you

POPPY NOGOOD – Music For Mourning (Preserved Sound, 2016) Aver mutuato il proprio alias dal titolo di un album di Terry Riley racconta già molto circa il profilo di un artista e le sue finalità espressive. Poppy Nogood è un violinista americano, iniziato al proprio strumento poco dopo aver imparato a camminare, la cui esperienza artistica […]

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[Music] Gregory Ayriyan – s/t

After years of having to let this project lie dormant, I’m proud to announce the resurrection of my record label, the Carrera-Linn Cultural Exchange (CLCX). Our first release is from the Russian-based Armenian-American violinist Gregory Ayriyan, who composed all but three of the tracks on this disc. The other composers include Sayat Nova, Komitas, and Niccolò Paganini, so he interprets the cream of the crop.