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[Music] Fikret Kızılok & Edip Akbayram – Yakar İnceden İnceden

Turkish rock musician and experimentalist Fikret Kızılok was one of the key figures of Turkey’s Anatolian Rock scene during the 60s and 70s.  He’s paired here with Edip Akbayram, who still performs today.

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[Music] Ertuğrul Erkişi – Saba Taksim

Ertuğrul Erkişi is a composer of Turkish Sufi music. I’m quite new to his work, but this is pleasant.

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[Music] Ferdi Tayfur – Batan Güneş

I wish to thank my Google+ friend and colleague, Mehmet Hanedar, for always providing me with a glimpse into Turkish, Turkic and Central Asia music.

Today’s artist, Ferdi Tayfur, hails from Turkey and was seen as a leading light in Arabesque Music in the 1970s.

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[Music] İlhan Erşahin – Aşk

A wonderful fusion of world music and jazz from a young Turkish-Swedish composer, İlhan Erşahin.

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[Video] Olcay Bayır & Nizar Rohana – Serê Çiya & Lay Lay

Leave it to Miguel Santos of LIFEM to introduce the world to one of the most amazing acts I’ve heard in some time.

Olcay Bayır is a Kurdish singer who hails from Turkey. Nizar Rohana plays the oud, and comes from Palestine. They make a formidable duo.

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[Sample] H.Giray Sönmez – Pandur Song (Caucasus Tushki/Ingush Folk)

H. Giray Sönmez is an Anatolian Turkish musician who interprets music from the Caucasus.

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[Video] Yasmin Levy – Firuze

A fine slice of Judeo-Spanish ethnic music from Israel’s finest singers, Yasmin Levy.