[Music] Mizar – Svjat Dreams

Behind only Laibach and Bijelo Dugme (White Button), Mizar were the most powerful name in the Balkan rock music scene, and crossed over into Darkwave with ease.  This is a cover of The Eurhythmics’ classic hit, “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This,” done with a heavy dose of Byzantine goth.

[Music] Kismet – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Every time I go to Skopje, there is always someone who asks why on Earth I’d bother to come and stay such long periods of time in what they feel is an insignificant city in the heart of the Balkans. You can thank this song, the disc it came on, and a friendship with Gorazd […]

The Skopje Connection – Branko, Branko, Branko (Live)

Three of the finest musicians Macedonia has to offer combine with Dutch cellist Ernst Reijsinger for an amazing concert I was privileged enough to attend. The lineup for the evening: Dzijan Emin – Melodeon Luca Aquino – Trumpet Georgi Sareski – Guitar Ernst Reijseger – Cello Enrico Blumer deserves a load of credit for making […]

[Video] Zlatko Origjanski feat. Beni Shaqiri – Generale

Though I am a big fan of Zlatko’s work (as evidence by the previous post featuring his old band, Lola V. Stain), I can’t say I was a big fan of Beni’s in the past. He seemed like a great guy, decent to the core of his bones, but his music never quite moved me, […]

[Video] Lola V. Stain – Makova Polja

Lola V. Stain were one of the founding members of Macedonian ethnocore. The project, featuring Zlatko Origjanski, gave a platform to musicians like Goran Trajkoski, who would found Anastasia, as well as the legendary gaija player Pece Atanasovski.

[Video] Aleksandar Pejovski – Black Raindrops Upon The Flower Blossoms [live]

The final post of the year, and it’s a sublime cut. Aleksandar Pejovski is a pianist from Skopje, Macedonia who records for local label PMG Recordings. I thank my friend Biljana Vasileva for this treasure. A good way to wind down the year. Have a Happy 2015!