[Music] Kayno Yesno Slonce – Mare Verborum

Kayno Yesno Slonce are a band based out of Sofia, Bulgaria, who straddle genres so easily that they’re nearly impossible to classify. There is a gentle beauty in the music that reminds me of Bert Jansch or The Incredible String Band, but one can hear elements of Wyrd Folk like Shirley Collins or the more […]

[Music] Numinous Music Presents – Mehmet Polat Trio – 2016 North America Summer & Fall Tour August 11th – September 12th, 2016

We have the tremendous pleasure to announce that one of Turkey’s finest musicians will be touring the United States and Canada starting August 15th! See below for further details: – Numinous Music Presents – MEHMET POLAT TRIO 2016 North America Summer & Fall Tour August 11th – September 12th, 2016 TOUR SCHEDULE August 11th – […]

[Video] Zlatko Origjanski feat. Beni Shaqiri – Generale

Though I am a big fan of Zlatko’s work (as evidence by the previous post featuring his old band, Lola V. Stain), I can’t say I was a big fan of Beni’s in the past. He seemed like a great guy, decent to the core of his bones, but his music never quite moved me, […]

[Video] Lola V. Stain – Makova Polja

Lola V. Stain were one of the founding members of Macedonian ethnocore. The project, featuring Zlatko Origjanski, gave a platform to musicians like Goran Trajkoski, who would found Anastasia, as well as the legendary gaija player Pece Atanasovski.

[Video] Anastasia (Анастасија) – Na Rjekah Vavilonskih (By The Rivers of Babylon)

One of the greatest bands in the history of Balkan alternative music, Anastasia were fronted by singer Goran Trajkoski (Gotra), who went on to sing for Macedonian legends Mizar, as well as making incredible music as a solo musician. He is also an old friend who is as decent as he is talented. Here is […]