[Music] Female Musician Makes Waves in Male-Dominated Afghanistan

Global Citizen has launched a campaign called Chime For Change, and one of the first projects they promote is Fazila Zamir, a rebab player making waves in what was normally thought to be a man’s world. Read more here on Fazila, courtesy of Global Citizen.  For a sample of her work, check out the video […]

[Music Podcast] Mundofonías 2017 #66 | Samarcanda, Jerez, La Habana

I implore you, my friends… Make time to catch the best World Music podcast in the world. Mundofonías‘ Juan Antonio Vázquez & Araceli Tzigane have spent years introducing an international audience to world music with their themed podcasts, and this one is no exception. To hear this week’s episode, click here or on the image. […]