[Music] Breatherrr – Chantrieri

I NEVER get mail from local bands or record labels. It’s been a constant since I started writing to musicians. Part of it was because I could see them at my leisure, but part of it was because it wasn’t ‘cool’ to talk to local indie rags, only to people from the outside. Well, today, I can say that I can finally promote a local person. Breatherrr is a trip-hop act with retro influences which bring up genres like electro and new wave. I’ll have to investigate further.

[Music] Andrea Parker – Nobody’s Perfect Vol. 3

Andrea Parker produces something I hate calling trip-hop, as it seems so limiting. She’s on another plane in the world of electronica.

Track Listing:

1. 0:00 peripheral vision
2. 3:07 avocado drive
3. 6:16 control freak
4. 10:13 crash mat
5. 15:45 vector mode
6. 19:24 nuva beat
7. 24:20 troublesome
8. 26:00 digital domain
9. 32:05 allegorical
10. 38:58 giant massmantix
11. 42:28 27th ave
12. 45:54 barhomet
13. 48:53 overpass
14. 51:00 ramsek
15. 53:08 smash up
16. 56:31 coron data

[Podcast] ‘Haunted’ by Christina Liveri


Haunted by Christina Liveri on Mixcloud

One of my favorite podcasters out of Greece, Christina touches on tracks by U.N.K.L.E., Dead Can Dance, and many others. A worthy follow (would you expect any less?).