[Music] bastrd – An Anthology of 16th Century Azerbaijani Classical Works by Fuzûlî

I have a sneaking suspicion that the legendary Divan poet Fuzûlî didn’t dabble in modern hip-hop during the 1500s, though who am I to suggest that the young, enterprising souls in bastrd didn’t go back in time and ask him to sample a few grooves for him? Rather elegant jazzy lo-fi beat music out of […]

[Music] Breatherrr – Chantrieri

I NEVER get mail from local bands or record labels. It’s been a constant since I started writing to musicians. Part of it was because I could see them at my leisure, but part of it was because it wasn’t ‘cool’ to talk to local indie rags, only to people from the outside. Well, today, […]

[Music] Andrea Parker – Nobody’s Perfect Vol. 3

Andrea Parker produces something I hate calling trip-hop, as it seems so limiting. She’s on another plane in the world of electronica. Track Listing: 1. 0:00 peripheral vision 2. 3:07 avocado drive 3. 6:16 control freak 4. 10:13 crash mat 5. 15:45 vector mode 6. 19:24 nuva beat 7. 24:20 troublesome 8. 26:00 digital domain […]

[Video] The Cinematic Orchestra – Life Of The Bird

The Cinematic Orchestra hail from London, and their sound matches their name splendidly. Rare is the band who can work comfortably in both electronica and something akin to soundtrack music. Some try, but they don’t quite pull it off as elegantly as these lads do.