[Music] Between Sound and Space: ECM Records and Beyond

It comes as a very pleasant surprise to see that ECM Records has its very own blog now. Simple, beautifully designed, and a great repository for promoting their new releases and reissues, as well as highlighting the reviews given to said releases. Bravo!

[Music] Collection Petites Planètes – Kangë e Defa – Female Rhapsody in Kosova

A very pleasant surprise from our friend and colleague, Vincent Moon, who churns out stream of startlingly beautiful compilations from places off the beaten path (Ossetia, Chechnya, etc). His label, Collection Petites Planètes, presents a compilation done with the assistance of Fatime Kosumi, a Kosovar singer of Albanian heritage, covering folk tunes for female choir. […]

[Music] Demi Broxa – Agnes Hvizdalek (voice) & Jakob Schneidewind (bass, electronics)

Agnes Hvizdalek & Jakob Schneidewind, who go by the group name Demi Broxa, are two experimental music artists working out of Vienna, Austria. This piece doesn’t seem to have a title to it, but it showcases how well both musicians blend in with each other.