[Literature] Miguel Ángel Asturias’s weird novel Mulata (Book acquired, 14 April 2017)

I admit that I picked up Miguel Ángel Asturias’s 1963 novel Mulata de Tal because of the cover and blurb alone. This 1982 translation is by Gregory Rabassa, and part of a series of Latin American authors that Avon/Bard put out in really cool attractive mass market paperbacks in the 1980s. The titles can be hit or […]

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[Literature] 12 Books To Browse Ahead Of TED2017

TED2017 begins on Monday in Vancouver, Canada, and will explore the theme “The Future You.” If the future you is anything like the future us, you are likely curled up in a big cushy chair right now, devouring the contents of a book that flips your thinking. Below, some reading suggestions from the speaker program. Read, enjoy and…

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[Book Review] Sat 12/20/14 Author Paths Without Glory: Richard Francis Burton in Africa by James L. Newman

Expect to see John Batchelor’s podcast links here. He does stunning work interviewing authors, and you can tell he’s actually read the book he’s discussing on his radio program.

You can see the podcast page here, or listen to the program immediately here.

To purchase the book, buy it from Amazom.com here.

[Photos] These Beautiful Old Books Are a Bibliophile’s Dream

Books as works of art in and of themselves. Remarkable. Simon Brown makes books look… desirable!

Many thanks to my friend Al Clark, whose group is a goldmine for oddities, especially when it comes to music. We may be miles apart politically, but this gorgeous photo set, like music, brings us into agreement.

Credit to Slate, who originally posted this link. Also, if you want to know more about Simon Brown and his work, check out this site.