[Music/Film] Two LPs from erotic horror flick Vampyros Lesbos reissued by Wah Wah

Oh, happy day! Though I always enjoyed the Crippled Dick reissue of said soundtrack, it seems too truncated. Wah Wah Records has rectified the problem. The soundtrack to Vampyros Lesbos can now be heard in fuller glory, with beautiful repackaging. Read more about it from The Vinyl Factory here.

[Film] 25 Noir Films That Will Stand the Test of Time: A List by “Noirchaelogist” Eddie Muller

OpenCulture.com is a godsend of a resource, housing all kinds of material past the copyright protection date. In this post, we find Eddie Muller giving a list of what he thinks are the best film noir flicks ever. I agree with most of it!