[Art] Zurich celebrates a century since the birth of Dadaism and is still at the cutting edge of contemporary art

The Cabaret Voltaire, where Dada was launched 100 years ago to an unsuspecting public. Zürich, Switzerland, celebrates the centenary anniversary of Dada’s birth, and The Independent covers the event here.

[Article] Vinyl or CDs: Tech Doesn’t Do Sentimental — Listening Habits Show What’s Next for Cloud

The article dates from January 30, but for those of you who missed it, Matthew Finnie pens an article for Wired on the harsh reality of the advancement of technology. It favors nothing but the consumer and convenience. We, who love vinyl, or cassettes, or even CDs, will continually go the way of the dodo.

[Article] A Striking Exception

The Wall Street Journal do justice to the legacy of Manfred Eicher and perhaps the most amazing and success label you may never have heard of, ECM. From Stuart Isacoff’s article, a quote which sums up my personal opinion of him quite nicely: “But the most striking exception at the Grammys belongs to ECM (Editions […]