[Music] Sea of Åland – Extended Play Three

Sea of Åland are an experimental music band out of Cottingham, England, who have been releasing a batch of rather great albums.  Though experimental music seems to be their main focus, their sound also digs deeply into post-rock, ambient and even a bit of a dark soundtrack vibe.  Very impressive listening.

[Film] Olivia Hussey: The Girl on the Balcony — The HOBBLEDEHOY

https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F563094999&color=%23ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&show_teaser=true Shakespeare Unlimited: Episode 113 Olivia Hussey was just fifteen when Franco Zeffirelli cast her in Romeo and Juliet. When the film was released in October 1968, it catapulted Hussey and Leonard Whiting, the young actor playing Romeo, to global stardom. For many Shakespeare lovers, Zeffirelli’s film is still the definitive film adaptation of the […]

[Music] Djam Karet – The Devouring

I’m particularly pleased to be reviewing this album, as it comes from a VERY local band.  They were living in city of Claremont, California, a college town minutes from my home, and the drummer, Chuck Oken, Jr., owns Rhino Records, by far the best independent record shop in the Inland Empire.  It was the first […]

[Music] Stvannyr – Valley Of Shadows

Stvannyr consist of 2/3 of the post-rock/atmospheric metal group Realm of Wolves, but this project might actually be heavier.  We’ve come to expect some fine instrumental tracks from István and his crew, and this album is no exception.  The guitar playing is clean, sharp, excellent in terms of metal music (which is not my cup […]

[Music] Lifetime Achievement: 7 Albums That Show The Many Sides Of Merzbow — Bandcamp Daily

https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=4134287953/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/artwork=small/ His project is infamous for its sheer extremity and unapologetic harshness, but the din’s more nuanced than meets the ear. via Lifetime Achievement: 7 Albums That Show The Many Sides Of Merzbow — Bandcamp Daily