[Music] Nick Sudnick – Opera of the Fourtheenth Hour

Nick Sudnick has been the leader of the Latvian experimental-improvisational ensemble Zga since 1984, but he’s been venturing into new territory lately. This release pairs him with librettist Emily Loseva in what I could best describe as avant-opera.  Wonderful, challenging, but still somewhat accessible.

[Music] Ernesto Chahoud – Ernesto Chahoud presents TAITU – Soul​-​fuelled Stompers from 1960s – 1970s Ethiopia

Lebanese DJ and crate-digger supreme Ernesto Chahoud has done sterling work collecting some of the most impressive 7-inch sides to come out of Ethiopia.  BBE Records has done a great job in remastering and packaging this collection.  What I’m looking most forward to is seeing the 3-LP collection. It looks gorgeous.

[Music] Maurice Pozor – 2056

My friend Maurice Pozor has released an intriguing album.  Though in the Bandcamp tags the album is listed as a noise or experimental album, this has to be some of the most gentle ‘noise’ I’ve heard in some time.  It’s a rather floaty piece, somewhat in keeping with good electronic music from the 1970s and […]

[Music] Camarão – The imaginary Soundtrack to a Brazilian Western Movie

Analog Africa’s clutches are reaching out farther and wider with this release by Brazilian legend Camarão. It’s a reissue of work he did in around 1960 and is a lively mix of ethnic music, cha-cha, accordion music and something you would hear in a very hazy, psychedelic Spaghetti Western. Expect this release to ship out […]

[Music] Zinovia Arvanitidi – Ivory

Greek pianist and composer Zinovia Arvanitidi has a new disc coming out, and if the one track she and record company Kitchen Label shared is any indication, it will be a spectacular release. From her Bandcamp site: “There is a life and there is a death, and there are beauty and melancholy between.” Born in […]