[Music] Stanislas Tolon – Dans le Tchink Système

Yet another African music reissue specialist has popped up. This time, it’s Hot Casa Records out of Paris, France.  Their latest is a remastered gem from Beninois singer Stanislas Tolon which was recorded in Ghana in 1979.

[Music] Astral & Shit – бесконечный трепет цвета (увядание)

Nevyansk, Russia’s Astral & Shit have scores of releases out of Bandcamp.  This is their most recent; an album full of long, dark, spacey tracks which don’t do too much but drone on and on in a pleasant, almost enveloping way.

[Music] Sax Appeal: 48 Sexy Saxophone Album Covers

When you’re seen as ugly/unattractive, like it or not, you use whatever means at hand to sell yourself to others. An ugly truth, but that’s how it goes. Yeoman Lowbrow of FLASHBAK writes on the cheesecake covers of Les Baxter, Bert Kaempfert and Martin Denny, none of whom broke any mirrors due to their vile […]

[Music] Edward Ka-Spel – High On Station Yellow Moon

Though I loathe that I can’t simply buy a download from Edward Ka-Spel (too many of his latest Bandcamp releases are truncated version so that you’re forced to buy a hard copy, be it vinyl or CD), that’s his prerogative. The music is up to the standards one expects from the Legendary Pink Dots‘ frontman.

[Music] O Yuki Conjugate European Tour

Friends and colleagues, if you are able to help out with setting up performances in Belgium, France or Poland, please contact Till Kniola of Auf Abwegen.  His letter of request is printed below: dear drone list, sorry for the intrusion but maybe some of you can help/spread the word…. aufabwegen is bringing british experimental ambient […]

[Music] Forward Festival 2017: Donate NOW!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/577nyc/forward-festival-2017/widget/video.html Our friends at New York’s Forward Festival are near 50 hours away from closing their Kickstarter Page. Please donate now in order to support one of the best improv and experimental festivals in the United States!