[Music] 6 – 6

My favorite avant-prog couple surprised me recently with a release I completely managed to bypass. It looks like Amadine and Santiago Fradejas’ project, 6 (Seis), was recorded in their original home of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The music sits squarely inside the progressive metal genre, with powerful-but-restrained musicianship, a Floydian feel with vocals which would not compare unfavorably to James Hetfield of Metallica. You can hear touches of jazz here and there as well. Both musicians have come a long way, but you could already hear the raw beauty in their sound from this decade-old project.

[Music] Ganelin Trio – 1976 Live (Soviet Jazz)

I owe Leo Feigin of the stellar imprint Leo Records perhaps the greatest debt of my musical life. It was he who introduced me, via releases and correspondence, to the works of Sergey Kuryokhin and The Ganelin Trio somewhere near 30 years ago (how time flies…). This is the trio at their peak.


Vyacheslav “Slava” Ganelin – Piano
Vladimir Tarasov – Percussion
Vladimir Chekasin – Saxophone

[Music] Lalgudi Jayaraman and Amjadh Ali Khan, Jugalbandhi

via lalgudi jayaraman and amjadh ali khan, jugalbandhi — The Hum Blog

From Bandcamp:

Often, when discussing my passion for Indian Classical music – attempting to offer entry into its remarkable traditions for others, I raise instrumentation. Particularly in my early explorations, this was a crucial vehicle for discovery.

By far the most well know instrument in the Indian Classical traditions, thanks in large part to the popularity and fame of Ravi Shankar, is the sitar, but, for this very reason – its presence in pop culture, it was an instrument which I almost exclusively avoided during my first years plumbing the depths. It was my quest for, and response to, other sounds, which illumined the path.

The two primary traditions of Indian Classical music – the Carnatic and the Hindustani, are among the oldest living traditions on the planet. Many of the ragas played today, date back thousands of years. While often difficult to discern – so much time and evolution having transpired, this music lays at the root of countless distinct cultural traditions fingering across the globe. It is the well from which so much springs, making the examination of its instruments a fascinating web.