[Music] Robert Scott Thompson – Pale Blue Dot

Shame on me for not knowing so much about the work of Robert Scott Thompson. I had the pleasure of hearing his work via samples over on Soundcloud, but it wasn’t until recently that I thought to properly explore one of his albums. There’s nothing quite like hearing these pieces in their proper context.

It’s not fair to compare Thompson’s work to artists like Steve Roach or Robert Rich, both masters of their field, because there’s something quite bright about this. This isn’t ‘dark’ ambient, but a rather powerful, uplifting sort of music. There is a warm thread throughout the music, and after a few listens, the album really began to reverberate inside of me.

I’m very much looking forward to exploring more of his work.

[Music] Santiago Fradejas – Nila Taurica

Santiago Fradejas’ album came as quite a surprise, not only to me, but to him. He’s a friend to this blog, and in my estimation, is among the most important young composers of the 21st Century, as well as being one hell of a fine guitarist.

This new album came from an explosion of creativity which produced 11 songs of solo guitar tracks, manipulated into a type of horror-movie or noir soundtrack vibe (think the creepier moments of Bernard Herrmann, but with an electric guitar). This is going to be a treat for those of you who like the work of Keiji Haino’s solo endeavors, and even those who like avant-garde and experimental music like Nurse With Wound or Luc Ferrari.

[Music] Chris Cornell (RIP) – Billie Jean

Chris Cornell took his life by suicide on the 17th of this month. He was 53 years old, and left a wife and a couple of children. He was also a fellow member of the Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Church. We offer prayers for a good son who fought a good fight in this life. May he finally have rest in his soul.

I can’t ever say I was that big of a fan of Soundgarden, but his solo work, as well as the Audioslave albums, really showcased the best voice of his generation. Rest in Peace.

[Music] Various Artists – The living strings I. (Exclusive musicformessier, Black Hill, Silent Island and whitecube single package)

Csarnogurszky István is a guitarist out of Hungary whose work simply leaves you in a state of floating mellowness. This release is a compilation of some of the projects he works on, under various guises.