[Music] Tito Chicoma y Orquestra – Ritmo Vereguá

There isn’t a whole lot of information available on Tito Chicoma, but this impressive EP’s worth of boogaloo is a welcome treat, and we thank Peru’s Repsychled Records for reissuing this! Apparently, Tito Jr. is making quite a name for himself as well. Check this link out for more.

[Music] Robert Scott Thompson – Pale Blue Dot

Shame on me for not knowing so much about the work of Robert Scott Thompson. I had the pleasure of hearing his work via samples over on Soundcloud, but it wasn’t until recently that I thought to properly explore one of his albums. There’s nothing quite like hearing these pieces in their proper context. It’s […]

[Music] Santiago Fradejas – Nila Taurica

Santiago Fradejas’ album came as quite a surprise, not only to me, but to him. He’s a friend to this blog, and in my estimation, is among the most important young composers of the 21st Century, as well as being one hell of a fine guitarist. This new album came from an explosion of creativity […]

[Music] Various Artists – The living strings I. (Exclusive musicformessier, Black Hill, Silent Island and whitecube single package)

Csarnogurszky István is a guitarist out of Hungary whose work simply leaves you in a state of floating mellowness. This release is a compilation of some of the projects he works on, under various guises.