[Music] Santiago Fradejas – Nila Taurica

Santiago Fradejas’ album came as quite a surprise, not only to me, but to him. He’s a friend to this blog, and in my estimation, is among the most important young composers of the 21st Century, as well as being one hell of a fine guitarist.

This new album came from an explosion of creativity which produced 11 songs of solo guitar tracks, manipulated into a type of horror-movie or noir soundtrack vibe (think the creepier moments of Bernard Herrmann, but with an electric guitar). This is going to be a treat for those of you who like the work of Keiji Haino’s solo endeavors, and even those who like avant-garde and experimental music like Nurse With Wound or Luc Ferrari.

[Music] Chris Cornell (RIP) – Billie Jean

Chris Cornell took his life by suicide on the 17th of this month. He was 53 years old, and left a wife and a couple of children. He was also a fellow member of the Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Church. We offer prayers for a good son who fought a good fight in this life. May he finally have rest in his soul.

I can’t ever say I was that big of a fan of Soundgarden, but his solo work, as well as the Audioslave albums, really showcased the best voice of his generation. Rest in Peace.