[Music] Libertad Jazzera #59 – Especial Allan Holdsworth – La Montaña Rusa Radio Jazz

My friends and colleagues from Spain’s finest jazz radio program, La Montaña Rusa, dedicate a program to the work of guitarist Allan Holdsworth, who passed away this week. Click on Allan’s picture or here to listen to the podcast.

[Music/Culture] The Bard of the Caucasus: Armenian, Azeri, and Georgian Legacies of Sayat-Nova

It is truly a shame that such a treasure like Sayat-Nova, whose works were written in Armenian, Azeri, Georgian and Russia has been turned into a tool for nationalism. Kamyar Jarahzadeh writes a wonderful article on the legendary band here for Ajam Media Collective.

[Music] Orchestra Baobab – Mouhamadou Bamba

Senegalese band Orchestra Baobab were my first major introduction to Afrobeat and the wealth of music the African continent had during the 60s, 70s and 80s. They are again performing after a long absence, and are due to release new music shortly. The music itself is a real clash of rhumba, Son and glued together […]