[Literature] Fantastic Planets #35 – Fantastic Planet/La Planete Sauvage (1973) — BookPeople’s Blog

This year, four science fiction-loving booksellers will delve into Fantastic Planets, Forbidden Zones, and Lost Continents: The 100 Greatest Science-Fiction Films, the new book by film historian Douglas Brode. They’ll watch the movies, read Brode’s take, and tell you – point blank – how they feel about all of it. #35 on Douglas Brode’s list […]

[Music] NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #95 ~ 06-25-16] — No Condition Is Permanent

Françoise Hardy in repose You can labor shoulder to shoulder with someone for days, weeks and years on end, share life’s joys and travails, get into and out of all manner of scrapes (these latter usually initiated by said comrade) and, ultimately, feel that a true rapport has been earned, that you really know who […] […]

[Music] Piarevaracien – Spadčyna / Heritage

First, a debt of thanks to our friends at Heathen Harvest. Yes, we have some differences politically, religiously and socially, but Paddy has done a sterling job in bringing some amazing music to the forefront of the underground music scene. We wish them continued success. HH recently reviewed a new release by Belarusian folk-metal band […]

[Music] The Last Sabri Silenced

What angering news. I thank Praveer Cheeku of Yatra Arts for posting this earlier in the week, but thanks to tending to my ailing father and a fighting with a computer in dire need of service, I’ve had to wait to post this news until today. Amjad Sabri, scion of the legendary Sabri Family who […]