[Music] Milcho Leviev – Dave Holland – Cavatina

Bulgarian pianist Milcho Leviev came to my attention about 20 years ago via the Los Angeles record label MA Recordings, a high-end label. I was floored by the quality of his playing, and wondered why he didn’t receive more attention in the US than he has. Bassist Dave Holland needs little introduction, as he has […]

[Music] Boris Tihomirov – Elektronnyi Budilnik (Electronic Alarm-Clock)

There’s something incredibly cheesy about this track, but it has the same charm that ‘Popcorn’ did in its heyday. As usual with these artists, there’s nothing I can find in English on Boris Tihomirov. Any information about him, of course, would be wonderful.

[Music] Samuli Kemppi – RYC Podcast 127 (19.06.2015)

A novel idea! I never thought to look for podcasts via Youtube, but it makes perfect sense. Samuli Kemppi is a Finnish techno artists unafraid to experiment with electronic music under his own name rather than under a heap of aliases. He’s also a DJ for Basso Radio, and this podcast gives a good demonstration […]

[Music] Grupa Marina Škrgatića – Čežnja

Grupa Marina Škrgatića are one of a score of magnificent groups which came out of the former Yugoslavia who produced music of ridiculously high quality. As usual, there’s little information in English about the band, so it’s best to use Chrome or Firefox and see if you can translate this.