[Typography] Adrian Frutiger (24 May 1928 – 12 September 2015)

Very sad news from the world of typography, a passion I’ve had for many years. One of the people whose works I’ve admired for more than 20 years, Adrian Frutiger, passed away on the 12th of September. He was 87. If you know anything about graphic design, you will have surely come across his work. […]

[Music] Third Ear Band – Inverness: Macbeth’s Return / The Preparation / Fanfare / Duncan’s Arrival

The Third Ear Band were among the first British bands (who shared this affinity with Krautrock projects from Germany) to move into a field we now know today as world music. This piece actually comes from the soundtrack to Roman Polanski’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic tale, Macbeth. A thanks to Al Clark, who picked […]