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[Music] Gianni Ferrio – Il Killer (Shake)

Some happy beat music from Italian conductor and arranger Gianni Ferrio!

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[Music] Q65 – Night

Dutch psychedelic band Q65 were a band I discovered reading magazines like Record Collector, who hyped them up as a band with a monstrous reputation. They were, and to my ears, are, among the best bands of the late 1960s.

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[Music] Third Ear Band – Inverness: Macbeth’s Return / The Preparation / Fanfare / Duncan’s Arrival

The Third Ear Band were among the first British bands (who shared this affinity with Krautrock projects from Germany) to move into a field we now know today as world music. This piece actually comes from the soundtrack to Roman Polanski’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic tale, Macbeth.

A thanks to Al Clark, who picked up on the errata of this post.

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[Music] Kate Smith – God Bless America

Kate Smith seems very appropriate today, 14 years after the 9/11 attack.

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[Music] Toshiko Akiyoshi – Blues For Toshiko

Toshiko Akiyoshi is a legendary pianist from Japan (though born in Manchuria). She’s not terribly well-recognized in the US market, though she has been a staple for Down Beat Magazine. In Europe and Asia, however, her fame is secure.

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[Music] Present – Liquidation Totale (Live)

Present is a group fronted by Roger Trigaux, who once played guitar for one of my favorite bands, Univers Zero. They’re apparently about to release new music, and this track may be the centerpiece of a new album. Let’s hope so, as they sound like they’re in wonderful form.

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[Music] Jos Smolders – Passion (For Rudy Carrera)

Yes, you’re reading this right. This one is dedicated to yours truly.

Jos Smolders, the legendary Dutch experimental composer and sonic alchemist, worked on this project in Easter, 2014. To say I’m both thankful and honored for the dedication is a massive understatement. It is perfect evening listening, even after more than a year of its release here on Soundcloud.

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[Music] Casa de Orates (Manuel Knwell) – Nostalguia

I had never heard of Manuel Knwell of Casa de Orates until today, and Tarkovsky tributes are a dime a dozen, but this was rather pleasant, atmospheric listening.

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[Music] Fanfara Tirana – Qai, Maro (Cry, Mary)

I have been refraining from posting songs from Spotify mainly because I wasn’t quite sure how to do it. This song gave me a good excuse to start, as I can’t seem to find a good video to match it with.

Fanfara Tirana from Albania, ladies and gentlemen.

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[Music] Chico Buarque feat. Telma Costa – Eu Te Amo

Some mellow Bossa Nova to end the night, written by Antônio Carlos “Tom” Jobim and Chico Buarque.