[Music] Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1978)

I never could understand the fascination my friends in Eastern Europe had with Dire Straits. I saw them as nothing more than a white-boy blues band trying to act cool, yet I never bothered to give their early work a chance. After hearing this, I think I get it now.

I was a fan of guitarist Mark Knopfler’s work outside of Dire Straits, especially his collaboration with Chet Atkins. I can finally appreciate his roots now.

[Music] Iconoclasta – Suite Mexicana Part 1 : Mestizaje

Mexico is known for great garage rock bands, avant-prog, and neo-prog bands. But my favorite is the symphonic prog band, Iconoclasta. This piece comes from their crowning achievement of an album, Soliloquio, long out of print, unfortunately.

Much respect to my friend, Domenico D’Alessandro, for reminding me of how good an album this truly was, and what a crime it is to know that it’s still out of print.

[Art] Paintings With Angels, by Arrington Dionysio and His Mother

Painting angels with mom, part three (my picture) - Arrington de Dionyso


Arrington de Dionyso is a composer and musician whose work first caught my attention when he played with the band Old Time Relijun. He continues to produce amazing, eclectic music, but it seems his talent is inherited. He and his mother worked on these two gorgeous works of art, reminding one of the works on a more psychedelic Byzantine icon, or the religious works of Marc Chagall.

May both mother and son find comfort in these difficult days.