[Review] Mydy Rabycad – Glamtronic


I wish to thank my friend Prsemyl, who is my contact for Indies Records in the Czech Republic, for introducing me to this band.

Mydy Rabycad are an indie band based out of Prague who remind me of some of the earlier ‘Madchester’ acts like the Happy Mondays, mixed with a style that would remind me of modern swing. Funky isn’t a word one would normally associate with Czech music, but this release changes my opinion.

For samples of their music, go here.

[Video] Vagif Mustafa Zadeh – Jazz Compositions

Those who know me well, say, for at least 15 years, know that I have tried throughout my life to be a champion for Soviet Jazz. They had something exquisite that the world didn’t have full access to until the end of Communism. One of these treasures hailed from Azerbaijan.

With the passing of B. B. King a few days ago, I was reminded of a story when the legendary blues guitarist came to the Soviet Union to watch a jazz festival. After seeing Vagif Mustafa Zade play, he named the stunned pianist as the ‘true king of the blues’. Vagif would die at age 35 in 1979, suffering a heart attack while performing onstage at a concert in Uzbekistan.

May his memory be eternal.

Many thanks to Funked Up East for their incredible selection of Soviet music.