[Article] Vinyl or CDs: Tech Doesn’t Do Sentimental — Listening Habits Show What’s Next for Cloud

The article dates from January 30, but for those of you who missed it, Matthew Finnie pens an article for Wired on the harsh reality of the advancement of technology. It favors nothing but the consumer and convenience. We, who love vinyl, or cassettes, or even CDs, will continually go the way of the dodo.

[Video] Verneri Pohjola – Live at Porin Teatteri – Pori Jazz Festival 2012

I had posted a video by legendary Finnish jazz-prog bassist Pekka Pohjola recently. While doing my usual stumble across social media, I came across another Pohjola, this one being Verneri. As it turns out, Verneri is the son of the late bassist, and is a fine trumpet player in his own right. Look for big […]

[Video] Cooper Raines – The Woman in the Mask at the End of the Street

The ever-prolific Qualo Infinity strikes again with another side-project, this one being Cooper Raines. Hazy, surreal, filmic, hypnotizing music, perfect late-night headphone trip music.

[Video] Þverfellshorn – Agnieszka

Simple, and sublime. Luke Paine, operating under the moniker Þverfellshorn, produces lush pieces in a style reminiscent of Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. A special thanks to Albanian electroacoustic composer Ilir Lluka, who posted this piece originally.

[Sample] Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble – Wintersongs

https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=1987512766/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/transparent=true/ Kitka come as an absolute surprise to my ears. A group of American women who do justice to the Eastern Orthodox choral music of Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and other locales, they treat the material with reverence and sing in a nearly angelic manner. One of the best choral collections I’ve heard in some time.

[Podcast] Soviet Jazz By U&1989.

https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?feed=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mixcloud.com%2Foto_radio%2Fsoviet-jazz-by-u1989%2F&embed_uuid=cb23a3fa-791f-43cc-bd00-7a19a8df7765&replace=0&embed_type=widget_standard Soviet Jazz By U&1989. by Oto Radio on Mixcloud OTO Radio from Russia have been providing some amazing listening recently. They’re worth following on your Mixcloud account. No info on the artists (yet), but if I ever come across any, I’ll post it here and in the comments section.

[Video] Iraida Yusupova – Annunziatore Della Tempesta

A personal story about Iraida Yusupova. Many years ago, I had run a record label (Falçata-Galia) which had a few releases. I was, and am, proud of every single one, though the label disintegrated thanks to many misunderstandings which the artists never had a part of. Iraida was one of the artists I desperately wanted […]