[Music] Karolina Ossowska​/​Jeff Gburek – Visitations

The best composers make you forget they’re composing music. They offer something like a cinéma pour l’oreille, or a cinema for the ear, to their listeners. In an age before music videos blighted the listening experience, a great composition would allow you to submerge yourself into a piece and envision a world the composer may … Continue reading [Music] Karolina Ossowska​/​Jeff Gburek – Visitations

[Music] Bandcamp Daily: The Best Albums of 2017

Here are this year’s (disappointing, as usual) Bandcamp toppers of 2017. No Santiago Fradejas. No A.M. Ferrari-Fradejas. Nor Jeff Gburek. Nor Marco Lucchi. Nor Noël Akchoté. Nor so many other deserving artists who don’t offer up a plate of decent, non-offensive pseudo-soul, hip-hop or tacky dance music. Ah, well. For your perusal, click on the links … Continue reading [Music] Bandcamp Daily: The Best Albums of 2017