[Music] IXΘΥΣ – ㊢

Witch house and its related genres are areas I can’t claim to have a great knowledge of. It’s made worse when I can’t pronounce the names of half of the bands, or their song titles, due to cute tricks played by these children who, I doubt, know the meanings of what they’re using as names for their projects. Thankfully, we have more serious artists like Zane Michael O’Brien, who also does business under the monickers Zanye East and the aforementioned IXΘΥΣ (no, not Icthus, as in the pre-Ecumenical Council symbol Christians used to identify each other as fellow believers, but as whatever Zane sees fit as a reason to use such a name).

is a collection of remixes Zane has done for other bands who do everything from witch house to vaporwave and other genres I can’t bother keeping up-to-date with. What informs his music is a combination of experimental music as well as what used to be termed as Electronic Body Music or Industrial Dance, represented by the likes of Frontline Assembly, an old favorite of mine. The use of samples repeating hypnotically until you become so numb to the sound that a switch to a new track startles you also gives this a feel of some of the better elements of Nurse With Wound in their early, more Musique concrète years. Of particular note is the final track, Laura’s Got An Aura. There is a poem which is constantly repeated, along with incantations of one sort or other, which allows the listener to be lost in this psychedelic haze of a remix.

IXΘΥΣ’s latest release is worth your time. Consider exploring it and allowing it to envelop you for a while.

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