[Music] Karolina Ossowska​/​Jeff Gburek – Visitations

The best composers make you forget they’re composing music. They offer something like a cinéma pour l’oreille, or a cinema for the ear, to their listeners. In an age before music videos blighted the listening experience, a great composition would allow you to submerge yourself into a piece and envision a world the composer may be trying to create for you.

This is the experience I’ve had in listening to Jeff Gburek, a true citizen of the world and one of the most interesting experimental composers active today. He and his parter Karolina Ossowska cover a great deal of ground on this release. There are elements of soundtrack music (think 60’s futurist films), contemporary classical music (some pieces reminded me of the legendary Egyptian-Greek composer Jani Christou) and there were even touches of progressive rock and improvisational music which came to mind.

This is easily among the top five releases of the year for these ears. Jeff’s work is worth hunting for, and you can find a good deal of it here on his Bandcamp site.

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