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[Literature] Jorge Luis Borges – You Learn

Thanks kindly to HelloPoetry for posting this originally: You Learn (by Jorge Luis Borges) The poverty of yesterday was less squalid than the poverty we purchase with our industry today. Fortunes were smaller then as well. (The Elderly Lady) After a while you learn the subtle difference Between holding a hand and chaining a soul, …

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[Lit/Culture] Why Did Borges Hate Soccer?

I’m ambivalent towards soccer. As a kid, I supported a few teams (namely Celta Vigo and Cruz Azul), but never felt the raging support some comrades who love ‘the beautiful game’ felt for their teams. It was no big deal to me, just something fun to watch. Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges, who witnessed fascism …

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[Lit] The Daggers of Jorge Luis Borges

Michael Greenberg of The New York Review of Books writes on the ever-magnificent Jorge Luis Borges and his fascination with blades, that most macho piece of fighting machinery, and what it meant to his vision of criollo Argentina. The book reviewed is Professor Borges: A Course on English Literature by Jorge Luis Borges, edited by …

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