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[Music] Various Artists – Ocean of Sound – The 3rd Annual Report Volumes I & II

Words fail to describe just how important Raffaele Pezzella’s contribution to dark ambient music is. He has singlehandedly curated compilations from artists as far away as Russia, Iceland, Iran and seemingly all points in-between while concentrating on his own venerable work. These two compilations house 229 tracks covering the best of the bleakest, blackest ambient …

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[Music] Nadah El Shazly – Ahwar

Singer and composer Nadah El Shazly apparently began her career in a punk rock band doing Misfits covers. She’s come a long way, creating an eerie work with references to experimental music and musique concrète, with a nod to French composers of the INA-GRM tradition. If I recall correctly, if was my friend and colleague …

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[Music] JOHN 3:16 – Sinner’s Prayer

  Wave after wave of beautifully crunchy, hypnotic drone is what makes JOHN 3:16’s new release (a reissue from 2011, apparently), a 30-minute affair, so appealing. The guitar playing is so heavily textured that you feel like a sonic blanket has wrapped you up, making you forget, albeit temporarily, the vagaries of the world.  Drone …

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[Music] Tablet Sleep – Inversion

Инверсия by Скрижали сна As if I don’t have a number of interesting reasons to visit Russia. The Day Of Life Forgotten is an independent net label operating, it seems, out of Moscow (though if it’s not the case, I’ll update the post). This release, by my friend Alexei Serebreikov under his monicker Скрижали сна, …

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[Music] Jos Smolders – Passion (For Rudy Carrera)

Yes, you’re reading this right. This one is dedicated to yours truly. Jos Smolders, the legendary Dutch experimental composer and sonic alchemist, worked on this project in Easter, 2014. To say I’m both thankful and honored for the dedication is a massive understatement. It is perfect evening listening, even after more than a year of …

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