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[Music] Various Artists – Ocean of Sound – The 3rd Annual Report Volumes I & II

Words fail to describe just how important Raffaele Pezzella’s contribution to dark ambient music is. He has singlehandedly curated compilations from artists as far away as Russia, Iceland, Iran and seemingly all points in-between while concentrating on his own venerable work. These two compilations house 229 tracks covering the best of the bleakest, blackest ambient …

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[Music] Conrad Schnitzler & Bernhard Wöstheinrich – 20070709

Conrad Schnitzler was a legendary electronic music composer who passed away in 2011. Four years beforehand, he collaborated with a young fellow German musician called Bernhard Wöstheinrich, who was well over 30 years his junior. The collaboration produced one hour-long track which builds, grinds, throbs and swells in a way that is abrasive, yet pleasant. The …

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[Music] Fifty Years of Tape

I grew up listening to a lot of experimental music in my youth, most of in in the cassette format. It was quite something to have a cheap and easy tool to trade with friends, to purchase from very creative sorts who would hand-craft something resembling music from some God-forsaken place and receive it in …

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Fixing Some Bugs

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing what I can to correct some errors, and it looks like the site is finally taking better shape. A wiki has been added where I will add links and other data to musicians, artists and others who interest me. If you have interest in being listed …

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[Video] When – Death In The Blue Lake

Lars Pedersen (When) is a Norwegian post-Industrial/Avant-Progressive/Proto-Black Ambient composer whose work never really got its fair due. I actually came across his work in several progressive rock magazines, as well as the seminal experimental publication ‘Music From The Empty Quarter’ (RIP), who didn’t quite know what to make of his work. If he is still …

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