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[Music] 6 – 6


My favorite avant-prog couple surprised me recently with a release I completely managed to bypass. It looks like Amadine and Santiago Fradejas’ project, 6 (Seis), was recorded in their original home of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The music sits squarely inside the progressive metal genre, with powerful-but-restrained musicianship, a Floydian feel with vocals which would not …

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Lost in Kiev ~ Nuit Noir — a closer listen

At first, the deep-throated vocalizations and dialogue samples are a curiosity, their necessity not immediately apparent. But after the album is played to its bitter end, all is revealed. These nine pieces represent the Nuit Noir (black night), and serve as impressionistic short stories: shock fiction, if you will. Spoken words may set the stage, …

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[Music] 幾何学模様/Kikagaku Moyo – Kikagaku Moyo


Kikagaku Moyo by 幾何学模様/Kikagaku Moyo Thanks to a visit with my friend Joe, whose music taste is impeccable for things like drone, old prog and Killing Joke, I figured I’d spend my evening looking for good, psych-y, droney things to listen to.  Kikagaku Moyo caught my attention by sounding like a slightly more updated version …

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[Music] Sound Of The Day : Regn — Wyrd Words & Effigies

I’ve been following blogger and dark style queen Mai Magi for well over a year now, so when she announced she was launching a music project I was excited to say the least. Regn is an ambient sort of project. Mai herself says that she ‘makes weird sounds with limited tools.’ Witching Hour is my […] …

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[Music] Wizards and Warlocks of Rock — Bandcamp Daily King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard It’s no secret that metal and stoner rock acts have long been obsessed with the occult. We’re not talking about actual devil worship—or even an infatuation with mystic texts. By “occult,” we mean using the visual and lyrical tropes of magical dudes with spellbinding beards as a way …

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[Music] Piarevaracien – Spadčyna / Heritage

First, a debt of thanks to our friends at Heathen Harvest. Yes, we have some differences politically, religiously and socially, but Paddy has done a sterling job in bringing some amazing music to the forefront of the underground music scene. We wish them continued success. HH recently reviewed a new release by Belarusian folk-metal band …

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[Music] Mizar – Svjat Dreams

Behind only Laibach and Bijelo Dugme (White Button), Mizar were the most powerful name in the Balkan rock music scene, and crossed over into Darkwave with ease.  This is a cover of The Eurhythmics’ classic hit, “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This,” done with a heavy dose of Byzantine goth.

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