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[Music] Redefining Russian Techno

From the Bandcamp article, which can be found here: Russian techno is stylistically varied—from ultra industrial to sleazy disco, hazy cassette labels to crisp and urbane house. But often there’s a moodiness, an underlying bleakness to the sound that feels like it’s channeling a harsher Soviet past. Certainly, experimentation is rife, and “live”-ness is important—musicians …

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[Music] IXΘΥΣ – ㊢


Witch house and its related genres are areas I can’t claim to have a great knowledge of. It’s made worse when I can’t pronounce the names of half of the bands, or their song titles, due to cute tricks played by these children who, I doubt, know the meanings of what they’re using as names …

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[Music] Sudan Archives – Escape

Sudan Archives is a vocalist and violinist who hails originally from Cincinnati, Ohio (what a shame she wasn’t directly from Khartoum with a band name like that, alas), and who is working out of Los Angeles, California, making her a local to me. Her Soundcloud page is active with some extremely interesting cuts which straddle …

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[Music] The Orchestra of Mirrored Reflections – Dead Beat


This has to be the release of 2017, as least as far as March! Our friends The Orchestra of Mirrored Reflections have graced our blog once before, in April of 2016 for a review of an incredible live performance in Odessa. The band return with a new, seven-track album which is as rich, dark and …

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[Music] Alessandro Cortini – Passatempo

Alessandro Cortini is an Italian composer and keyboardist based in Los Angeles. He’s an occasional member of Nine Inch Nails, and makes quite a good company man working with Trent Reznor in a style reminiscent of the 1980s Belgian Hard Beat scene, but on his own, he veers off into Kosmische Musik territory, reminding one …

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[Music] Mean Flow – Floating Thoughts


Mean Flow is a project headed by Theofil Tsiolakakis, a multi-instrumentalist out of Thessaloniki, Greece. He collaborates in this latest release with IDTAL (InDusTreeAlLace Productions) and Marco Lucchi, both consummate professionals and incredible musicians in their own right.

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