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[Music] Robert Scott Thompson – Pale Blue Dot


Shame on me for not knowing so much about the work of Robert Scott Thompson. I had the pleasure of hearing his work via samples over on Soundcloud, but it wasn’t until recently that I thought to properly explore one of his albums. There’s nothing quite like hearing these pieces in their proper context. It’s …

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[Music] Various Artists – The living strings I. (Exclusive musicformessier, Black Hill, Silent Island and whitecube single package)


Csarnogurszky István is a guitarist out of Hungary whose work simply leaves you in a state of floating mellowness. This release is a compilation of some of the projects he works on, under various guises.

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[Music] Sudan Archives – Escape

Sudan Archives is a vocalist and violinist who hails originally from Cincinnati, Ohio (what a shame she wasn’t directly from Khartoum with a band name like that, alas), and who is working out of Los Angeles, California, making her a local to me. Her Soundcloud page is active with some extremely interesting cuts which straddle …

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[Music/Film] Elektro Moskva

Elektro Moskva, directed by Elena Tikhonova & Dominik Spritzendorfer, shows the history of electronic music in Russia from the works of Léon Theremin to the ANS synthesizer used by such luminaries as Eduard Artemiev (famous for his soundtracks to the films of Andrei Tarkovsky) and beyond. I’m very much looking forward to seeing this when …

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[Music] Girma Bèyènè & Akalé Wubé – Enkèn Yèlélèbesh

Girma Bèyènè was one of the leading lights of Ethio-jazz during the 1960s and 1970s, before the rotten Deng ruined music for decades. He moved on to Washington D.C. and continued to make music with fellow Ethiopian ex-pats. He ended up getting asked by French band Akalé Wubé to come out of retirement and sing, …

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[Music] Cermaque – Neboj (i.e. Don’t Worry)


Indies Scope Records is one of my favorite record labels in the European continent. Their latest comes from poet, director and songwriter Jakub Čermák (doing business as Cermaque). The album is a wonderfully heady mish-mash of indie folk, alternative pop, elements of hip-hop, all held together by Čermák’s lyrical oeuvre. Check out the album here.

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[Music] Achref Chargui Trio – Tajaliyat


Afoforo Music Club is a label out of Tunis, Tunisia, specializing in a fusion of oud music, indie rock and an odd jazz hybrid. The Achref Chargui Trio boast members from Tunisia, France and Italy, and they gel together quite nicely.

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[Music] The Mariachi Men of Yugoslavia


Jonny Wrate of Roads and Kingdoms Magazine writes the article for the year for me! Many years ago, while living in Macedonia, my friends and I would discuss music, and two, Igor and Goran, turned me on to the fact that Mexican music was actually a big deal in the former Yugoslavia. It was the …

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