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[Music] Disemballerina – Poison Gown

‘Poison Gown‘ is a release which came to me via my inbox, and I find it to be a wonderful stroke of luck that Myles Donovan and his bandmates in Disemballerina decided to ask me for a review. The release sets itself quite favorable with bands who do this type of gothic/classical hybrid. The tracks …

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[Music] Tomáš Kočko & Orchestr – Velesu

Tomáš Kočko and his orchestra hail from the Czech Republic, and have been storming their way up World Music Charts Europe recently.  It’s pretty easy to see why.  The music mixes Moravian music elements in an updated framework, adding touches of progressive rock, neo-folk, and even trends in electronic music.  Ancient Great Moravia comes to …

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[Music] Sound Of The Day : Regn — Wyrd Words & Effigies

I’ve been following blogger and dark style queen Mai Magi for well over a year now, so when she announced she was launching a music project I was excited to say the least. Regn is an ambient sort of project. Mai herself says that she ‘makes weird sounds with limited tools.’ Witching Hour is my […] …

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[Music] AMN Picks of the Week: Merzbow, Haino, Pandi / Tim Brady / Grew, Watts / Gaudi — Avant Music News

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended. Merzbow / Keiji Haino / Balazs Pandi – An Untroublesome Defencelessness (2016) […] …

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[Music] Piarevaracien – Spadčyna / Heritage

First, a debt of thanks to our friends at Heathen Harvest. Yes, we have some differences politically, religiously and socially, but Paddy has done a sterling job in bringing some amazing music to the forefront of the underground music scene. We wish them continued success. HH recently reviewed a new release by Belarusian folk-metal band …

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