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[Music] Kayno Yesno Slonce – Mare Verborum


Kayno Yesno Slonce are a band based out of Sofia, Bulgaria, who straddle genres so easily that they’re nearly impossible to classify. There is a gentle beauty in the music that reminds me of Bert Jansch or The Incredible String Band, but one can hear elements of Wyrd Folk like Shirley Collins or the more …

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[Music] Daniel Dorobantu – Pamantul Straveziu


Our friend Daniel Dorobantu, whose ambient electronic work as a solo artist and with his group Thy Veils never ceases to impress, has a new video and release out. You can purchase this at his Bandcamp site.

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[Music] TeHÔM – Despiritualization Of Nature (part I – IV)


One doesn’t normally mix Death In June and Croatian Catholicism and mysticism. As it turned out, Siniša Očuršćak, who studied Philosophy of Religion during the same time I was doing so, ended up attracting the attention of Douglas P. and releasing one of the unsung dark ambient albums of the 1990s. I understand that the …

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[Music] Shockheaded Peters – Thumbs Of A Murderer

Time flies. I had the pleasure of meeting Karl Blake during the Sol Invictus West Coast tour of 2000. He was certainly decent, and played fine, but it’s really a shame neither he nor his work with Shock Headed Peters has been given a proper retrospective. A proper label should collect his works and remaster …

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