[Music] Daniel Lanois – Deconstruction (feat. Rocco DeLuca)

Daniel Lanois is a name to everyone who enjoyed early Brian Eno, as well as the peak-era U2 albums, as Lanois produced them.  What is forgotten is what a magnificent musician he is on his own.  He teams with Rocco DeLuca here for this sublime piece from the album ‘Goodbye To Language’ available September 9th.

Big hat tip to Jeffrey Kinart, who has a knack of discovering gems daily.

[Music] Mary Halvorson & Noël Akchoté – Mary Halvorson & Noël Akchoté


I have to admit that I’ve been waiting for such a release to come about for a while now. Noël Akchoté, perhaps the most prolofic guitarist working in improvisational music today (and maintaining astoundingly high quality throughout each release) pairs with NYC-based Mary Halvorson, a guitarist I have only become acquainted with this past year. This is a purely improvised duet, with no rehearsals, recorded in Belgium this year.

For those who already collect the work of Noël Akchoté, this will be another treasure to add to your collection. As for Mary’s work, this is a fine introduction, which makes me want to delve into her solo work.

Lost in Kiev ~ Nuit Noir — a closer listen

At first, the deep-throated vocalizations and dialogue samples are a curiosity, their necessity not immediately apparent. But after the album is played to its bitter end, all is revealed. These nine pieces represent the Nuit Noir (black night), and serve as impressionistic short stories: shock fiction, if you will. Spoken words may set the stage, but on […]

via Lost in Kiev ~ Nuit Noir — a closer listen

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