[Video] Archie Shepp Quartet – Go Down Moses (Let My People Go)

After enduring the comments section of a few websites where atheists who wouldn’t know religion if it bit them on the ass, and Pentecostal/Evangelicals who are running a very close second, I needed a bit of a spiritual cleaning. Thank you, Archie Shepp. Perfect timing!

[Video] hr-Sinfonieorchester – Frankfurt Radio Symphony – Orion (comp. Kaija Saariaho)

This is about as fresh as it gets for classical music. Orion a new composition by Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, debuted at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Germany, on April 17, 2015. The piece is conducted by Andrés Orozco-Estrada for hr-Sinfonieorchester – Frankfurt Radio Symphony. The recording makes for wonderful listening.

[Video] Ganelin, Chekasin, Tarasov – Semplice (II)

I really owe all of my passion for Eastern European/Soviet Improvisational and Experimental music to one man: Leo Feigin of Leo Records. It was through his introduction, via his catalog and a few letters back and forth, that I was introduced to such artists as Vyacheslav Ganelin (the Ganelin Trio’s leader, now based in Israel), […]

[Sample] Finnegans Wake – 4th

4th by Finnegans Wake Finnegan’s Wake is the name of at least one other progressive rock band, but this one hails from Belgium, though now resides in Brazil, and is led by Henry Krutzen, who founded the band in 1993, and it reminds me of a chamber-rock band, not dissimilar to Rock-In-Opposition bands like Henry […]

[Video] Ø + Noto – 04 Noto

A warm thanks to Praveer Bea for kindly posting this wonderful slab of minimal, crunchy rhythm, courtesy of Alva Noto and Pan Sonic’s Mika Vainio working under the monicker of Ø. If you wish to pick up this album, Mikro Makro, go here.

[Video] Lead Into Gold – A Giant On Earth

Though Ministry was always seen, rightly or wrongly, as Al Jourgensen’s band, it’s not fair to say that he was the only talent in the group. Bassist Paul Barker used Lead Into Gold as a vehicle for his own creative output. It’s a shame he didn’t do more with it.

[Video] Le Ninfe della Tammorra – L’aria de lu mare

Naples is a city utterly steeped in music. I had the chance to visit briefly a few times, and each visit brought me to a deeper appreciation of the culture (if not all of its residents). Classical music, jazz, ethno, horribly embarrassing pop music – you can find it all there. Leave it to my […]