[Music] Sahar Sahra – Godar

It’s not often that I run into some charming music out of Afghanistan. Sahar Sahra is one of the country’s biggest stars currently.

[Art] Adolf Wolfli (Galliki filologia)

I first came across the name of Swiss painter Adolf Wölfli thanks to a tribute album recorded by SPK leader Graeme Revell. It would be my first introduction into the world of Art Brut, or Outsider Art. The video is a quick synopsis of his work in Greek.

[Music] Cranioclast – Vanorum Mare

Cranioclast were from Hagen, Germany, and were one of the most interesting of the German cassette label projects I used to collect. They ventured into making a couple of vinyl records and CDs, but then disappeared into the ether. They’re a group crying out for a reissue campaign, definitely.

[Music] Björk – Pagan Poetry

Björk seemed to be peaking when she recorded this track for her 2011 album, Vespertine. If you’ve ever had the chance to hear this in 5.1 Surround Sound, it’s a delight to the ears.