[Video] Lubomyr Melnik – Requiem (Fragment)

Lubomyr Melnik has been featured on these pages previously. Expect to see a lot more of his work as the years roll by.

The Ukrainian-Canadian pianist released this music as part of the now out-of-print LP Concert-Requiem/Islands. It is apparently still available as a CD-R. I’m really hoping the master tapes were not lost, as I’d love to see it remastered and repackaged as a proper CD. Give the track a listen and you’ll see why.

[Video] Valgeir Sigurðsson – Between Monuments/Guardian at the Door

Good heavens, this is an absolutely schizophrenic piece of music. It ranges from a sumptuous minimalist to an edgy post-rock before sliding into something more appropriate in an electroacoustic work.

Valgeir Sigurðsson hails from Iceland. Why is this not surprising? Yet another composer/musician from there to watch out for. To hear the whole of Architecture of Loss, the album this track is on, go to Valgeir’s Bandcamp site.

[Sample] Asalt0 Al Parque Zoológico – APZOO EP

A real tragedy. Asalt0 Al Parque Zoológico are a shoegazer band out of Buenos Aires, Argentina who bring to mind such acts as My Bloody Valentine and Lush, and are certainly worth a listen.

Unfortunately, I came across them too late, as it seems drummer Gabo Malmus and her boyfriend, Sebastian, were killed yesterday in a tragic plane crash over the Alps.

May they rest in peace, and may APZOO recover.