[Video] Irfan – Otkrovenie

Dead Can Dance are responsible for a flowering of ethereal music. From labels like Projekt Records to incredible bands, like Irfan, who hail from Bulgaria, they’ve opened the doors to some truly beautiful music.

GRM on Bandcamp!

De Natura Sonorum by Bernard Parmegiani Holy smokes! The legendary INA-GRM Record Label out of Paris, France, which housed some of the most legendary names in electroacoustic and avant-garde music, has decided to release selected titles as downloads via Bandcamp, and at reasonable prices!

Social Media Catch-Up

For whatever reason, I seem to be adding a great deal of people here at Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr over the past few weeks. I’m thoroughly floored at the quality of what you’re posting (which is why I added you in the first place), and wanted to extend a welcome to you.

[Video] Vasco Bulgarelli – Amapola (Canzone Spagnola)

I’m surprised that there is so little information about Vasco Bulgarelli online, but it seems ‘Amapola’ is a Neapolitan classic. It seems the Spanish left a lot of good in that city (how much we got back in return is debatable, but I loved the city nonetheless).

[Video] Can – You Doo Right

Sometimes, it’s absolutely pleasant to let one’s self go with a long, twenty-minute psychedelic jam. Krautrock-style, of course. Here is Can during their peak.

[Video] Jani Christou: Mysterion (1965/1966)

Here is a man who should have been featured far earlier in the blog’s life, but I’m coming around to him today after being reminded of his freaky scores. Jani Christou was a Greek-Egyptian composer and philosopher, one of the most brilliant minds in composition in the late 1960s. His life was cut short due […]